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KOMAX Skills

Komax laboratory extrusion lines

Komax, the extrusion specialist for nearly 20 years

The company was established in 2003 by Sacha KOTTMANN in Mulhouse. At first it specialized in extruders and co-extruders with a small screw diameter and a smooth barrel (ELIPSE series), but after a short period of time the technical team developed extruders using grooved barrel sleeve technology (ARC and HELICAL series) and diameters of from 20 mm to more than 120 mm.
KOMAX became well-known throughout the world thanks to its extruders and very soon, in 2008, it grew and moved to Wittenheim near Mulhouse.
The company started to produce complete extrusion lines for pipes and technical profiles at the beginning of 2006 and KOMAX then also started the production of extrusion lines for cables. The acquisition of DEXSEN is the last part of this development.

KOMAX Skills

KOMAX is specialized in the engineering, development and production of single screw extruders and co-extruders as well as in the set-up of ready-to-use extrusion lines.
Our extruders and extrusion lines are engineered to produce profiles, tubes, pipes, wire and cables using many different plastic compounds.

How KOMAX develops its products

KOMAX is fully customer-oriented and focused on state-of-the-art technology for our extruders and co-extruders. Thanks to our skilled and expert team, we can quickly meet and fulfil the requests of our customers. This ability allows us to develop dedicated machines and processes as requested.

Target of KOMAX developments

KOMAX develops its products according the following guidelines:

High performance: steady increase in the specific flow rates and adjustment of the screw to the polymer. We do our utmost to achieve the best results with our extruders.

Energy saving: reduction in energy and water consumption thanks to specific barrel design (see HELICAL series), high performance motors, heat insulation and the systematic use of solenoid valves for the water circulation (closed loop control).

User-friendly and multi-functional: KOMAX machines are engineered to improve the production efficiency of our customers as well as that of the operators who work daily with our extruders and extrusion lines.

Compact design: space and weight saving are key aspects of our design.
extrusion parts

KOMAX concepts

EFFITECH is our energy saving policy
Energy consumption, both for electricity, cooling water and compressed air, is without doubt a key point in the choice of an extruder. 
Komax has for many years focussed on the control of energy consumption by choosing the right technology and looking for innovative solutions where the main aspects are: 
Last generation of AC motors (e.g. IE4 motors controlled by very accurate drive units)
Use of a synchronous motor without magnetic flow
Motor installed directly on the gearbox in order to avoid the use of belts and chains, leading to an improved performance of the drive chain.
Ceramic-coated resistors for a faster temperature increase.
Hood of the heating device with a double insulated wall to heat the barrel and not the production hall.
Grooves on the surface of the barrel for a more effective performance of the air blower.
Systematic regulation of the cooling circuit through a solenoid valve and a thermocouple for the temperature control of the cooling element (PID), which consequently leads to a reduction of the water consumption.

FORMTECH: our technical knowhow for extruder installation.
We can offer different versions of extruders depending on the series and size of the extruder. These different installations are marked by the letters I, L, U and Z which describe the arrangement of the elements: barrel-gearmotor-motor. This allows us to tailor-make the shape and the size of the extruder or co-extruder according to your needs.

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