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Extrusion lines

KOMAX & DEXSEN extrusion lines for steel wires and ropes covering

KOMAX and DEXSEN offer steel wire covering extrusion lines engineered for all customers that need to combine very interesting production speeds with high technological content and the highest quality of materials.

These lines could be supplied with different models of KOMAX extruders, according the customer needs, including the universal extruder type ELIPSE model, the powerful extruder type ARC model, premium and best in performance HELICAL model (see the dedicated sections on our website for more details regarding these extruders).

Which applications for KOMAX & DEXSEN extrusion lines for steel wires and ropes ?

A KOMAX or DEXSEN extrusion line for steel wire and ropes is engineered for single layer and multilayers covering with several different applications on construction, infrastructure, defence, environment.

Available types of KOMAX & DEXSEN extrusion lines for steel wires and ropes

KOMAX & DEXSEN offer a wide range of extrusion lines for different type or steel wire and ropes, as:

  • Single covered wire
  • Covered PC strand
  • Single covered rope

These wire and ropes can have different diameters from 1 mm to more than 50 mm and KOMAX & DEXSEN lines covering them using the most requested thermoplastic compounds on the market, as: LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, PVC, PA, PP, PU….

Motor and drive

All our machines are equipped with high energy efficiency gearboxes and motors, to guarantee our customers low energy consumption.

Liquid-cooled gearmotors are available for the highest energy efficiency on extruders with the maximum containment of noise levels.

The use of the latest generation of Siemens and Lenze drives complete the combination for the control and management of speed and torque on the extrusion screw, further reducing consumption.

Electrical and control equipment

All lines are completed with electrical equipment, produced internally by KOMAX to provide the maximum guarantee of quality and service to the customer.

  • The KOMAX and DEXSEN programs are based on the most recent Siemens protocols and they allow quick installation of the machines, even on existing lines
  • A rich exchange of information with the plant network makes our extrusion lines in accordance with Industry 4.0
  • The easy use of the line is guaranteed by a large and intuitive 15″, 19″ and 22” touch screens, capable of displaying graphics of the production process in real time.
  • Potentiometers are available on request.

Upstream & Downstream Accessories for KOMAX and DEXSEN extrusion lines

A wide range of downstream equipment and accessories enriches KOMAX and DEXSEN extrusion lines, thus making them suited to the customer needs, more and more agile in their use and generous with information regarding your production.

To meet the most varied needs, KOMAX and DEXSEN offers different options, such as:


  • Stainless steel cooling lines with telescopic unit, thermoregulated section, multi-pass and wire dryer
  • Haul-off solutions with belts or capstans
  • Dual coil pay-off
  • Fully automatic coilers and take-ups
  • Self-traversing portal payoffs and take-ups
  • Accumulators with vertical or horizontal shape
  • Self-traversing portal payoffs and take-ups
  • Accurate single layers and multilayers crossheads
  • Manual and automatic by-passes
  • Automatic extrusion jaws
  • Flexible connections for extrusion head
  • Extrusion screw extraction from the rear of the machine
  • Extrusion screw support trolley
  • Line remote control for process diagnostics
  • Full integration of all instruments present in the line
  • Factory acceptance (FAT) with production in our plant
  • Commissioning made by our specialists
  • Customer operator training
  • Full line installation in customer’s plant


Komax is specialized in tailormade projects, contact us to find the extrusion line perfectly suited for you.

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