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KOMAX together with DEXSEN offer a wide range of services and accessories to meet the different needs of the market.


We have the skills to analyse the technical information and the economic / financial data to support the customer during the first steps of the project, accompanying him up to the commissioning of the line.


We design and manufacture extruders and tailormade lines based on the customer’s specifications.

The high level of customization of our solutions is one of the aspects that most characterizes the KOMAX company.

We work for "turn-key" projects in order to guarantee the final performance and we offer:

  • Production simulation at our factory with tests with the customer’s compound
  • Pre-acceptance tests at the KOMAX plant (FAT)
  • Full extrusion line installation thank to specialized personnel
  • Machine status checking and Commissioning
  • Final line acceptance tests according the contractual speeds
  • Training of customer’s team

A wide range of accessories enriches the KOMAX extruders

A wide range of accessories enriches the KOMAX extruders, thus making them more and more agile in their use and generous with information regarding your production.

To meet the most varied needs, KOMAX and DEXSEN offer different options, such as:

  • Base on wheels for an easy machine placing
  • Tilting and height-adjustable cylinder
  • Flexible connection to the extrusion head
  • Hopper with empty valve and sliding option speed up the cleaning process
  • Pressure and temperature sensors
  • Screw support trolley
  • Flexible connection to the crosshead
  • Remote machine control box
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Extraction of the screw from the rear of the extruder
  • Automatic jaws


KOMAX and DEXSEN are specialized in tailormade projects, contact us to find the extruder perfectly suited for you.

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