Powerful extruder ARC

KOMAX and DEXSEN offer the ARC extruder family for all customers that need combine very interesting production output with a wide flexibility of applications without lose a high technological content.

These extruders appeared in the beginning of the year 1980. They should achieve a higher flow volume with the same diameter of the screw present on extruders with smooth barrel.

The ARC extruders are engineered to work whether with thermoplastics (PVC, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PU, PA, PEEK …) or thermosets (XLPE, XLPO…), also including flame retardant compounds (HFFR, LSOH, XL-FR…).The ARC extruder models are distinguished by their groove in the barrel feeding zone.

This expedient, combined with the profile of the barrier screw, considerably increasing the productivity of the machine.

Specifications of Komax powerful extruder ARC

Komax’s high output extruder ARC is available in different models and with a whole range of specifications, for a perfect fit with your needs.

Available models of ARC powerful extruder

KOMAX and DEXSEN provide a wide range of ARC extruders so that even the most complex application can find an efficient solution.
Extrusion screw diameters range from 20 mm to 160 mm with a barrel length of 26D.

Extrusion output of ARC extruder model

The production of ARC extruders varies according to the model chosen and the materials of interest.
The technical developments combined with the considerable experience of the KOMAX and DEXSEN team can guarantee production output ranging from 10 kg/h of HDPE to more than 1500 kg/h of PVC.

Extrusion screws for ARC powerful extruders

They are engineered with barrier profile and they work due to a fit of peak suitable with different compression ratios according the various materials to be extruded.
The KOMAX and DEXSEN screws are made of nitrided steel and they guarantee high production output as well as excellent mixing and plasticizing quality.

Barrels for ARC powerful extruders

They are engineered and produced to ensure a profitable combination with extrusion screws and excellent thermoregulation.
They are made in nitrided steel to guarantee a long life.
The high increasing of extrusion production is generated by a straight groove or helicoidal groove in the extruder feeding zone.

Motor and drive

All ARC extruders are equipped with high energy efficiency gearboxes and motors, to guarantee our customers low energy consumption.
Liquid-cooled gearmotors are available for the highest energy efficiency with the maximum containment of noise levels.
The use of the latest generation of Siemens and Lenze drives complete the combination for the control and management of speed and torque on the extrusion screw, further reducing consumption.

Electrical and control equipment

All models are completed with electrical equipment, produced internally by KOMAX to provide the maximum guarantee of quality and service to the customer.

  • The KOMAX and DEXSEN programs are based on the most recent Siemens protocols and they allow quick installation of the machines, even on existing lines
  • A rich exchange of information with the plant network makes our extruders in accordance with Industry 4.0
  • The easy use of the machine is guaranteed by a large and intuitive 12 “and 15” touch screen, capable of displaying graphics of the production process in real time.
  • Versions with thermo-regulators and potentiometers on board the machine are available on request.

Which applications for Komax powerful extruder ARC ?

An ARC extruder can be used as main machine of the line and as an auxiliary machine, it is in order to apply an additional layer of material or a stripe, working in co-extrusion with another machine.

Accessories for powerful extruder ARC series

A wide range of accessories enriches ARC extruders, thus making them more and more agile in their use and generous with information regarding your production.

To meet the most varied needs, KOMAX and DEXSEN offer different options, such as:

  • Base on wheels for an easy machine placing
  • Tilting and height-adjustable cylinder
  • Flexible connection to the extrusion head
  • Hopper with empty valve and sliding option speed up the cleaning process
  • Pressure and temperature sensors
  • Screw support trolley
  • Remote machine control
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Extraction of the screw from the rear of the extruder
  • Automatic jaws


Komax is specialized in tailormade projects, contact us to find the extruder perfectly suited for you.

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